‘Free Trials from Apple’s Perspective’

And what about people who absent-mindedly download by clicking the button. They may well miss the free trial information, and think they already paid. A month later, they are going to get angry, because they “already bought it!”. Or they realize it is a free trial, but quickly forget that, because they never formally opted-in to a free trial, later to find their data is being held for ransom unless they pay up. (Such a confusion could arise from overloading the purpose of the “Get” button, to mean download and get a free trial.)

As a consumer, I find the structure of free trials to be paid with by stress, confusion, and hassle.

Sign up for Hulu! But first provide your credit card, get billed a week earlier than they stated, waste time on the phone with customer support, and waste 5 hours of time you will never see again. No thank you.

Apple is likely working to make that process simpler, more straightforward, and not full of regret. Yes, please!

  Tuesday, 19 June 2018