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Uncomfortably Public Challenge Results: Week 1   

Monday, 22 January 2018

Tasks Report

1 = I did it!

0 = I didn’t 🙁

Goal Report

  • Lost 4 pounds.
  • 2 recitals booked.
  • Invested several hours in learning new budgeting software.

So. There was success (rejoice!). There was failure (sadness). But wow is it satisfying to build up some streaks!

For my daily to dos, I created a Google Sheet where whenever I input a 1, the cell turns green (hooray I did it!) or if I input a 0 it turns yellow (boo, I didn’t do it). I’m having fun each day tallying these up. And now that I can see a week of results…I am feeling far more motivated than I was last week. The goal here is to maintain the chain and over time, the cost of breaking the chain gets higher and higher.

By FAR, the hardest habit here is to stop dead in my tracks, with zero distractions, and meditate/pray for 10 minutes. Driving in the car or the phone on means it doesn’t count. I want to stop all the things in my life and focus on one thing: silence. For ten minutes. It goes against everything modern life demands of us. And it’s wonderful. But if the rest of 2018 is anything like Week 1, I’m in for an epic battle to make this a habit. But I really believe it will be worth it. I think this is one of those habits where the investment is small, but the pay off is asymmetrically huge.

Failure: So What?

I failed a few times. So what? Each time, I got started again the next day. The impulse to beat yourself up is as productive as milking a Jeep. It’s a great way to stay planted in the Garden of Mediocrity. (Yuck, that sounds terrible.) Pick up, learn, move on!

Here’s to some uncomfortably public results!

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