Sing.Eat.Repeat. is about the art of living and eating well. Frequent topics include art, food, health, and education. Additional topics include culture, technology, humanities, history, relationships, science, trivia, movies, and all the things that make life a beautiful experience.

Sing.Eat.Repeat. is written and produced by Edward Atkinson.

About Edward

My background is a little Jackson Pollock: I’m a former professional poker player, organist, advertising executive, construction worker, card dealer, strategic planning consultant, programmer and web developer, and art director. Now I’m working as a tenor and choral conductor (artist website).

Along my path I’ve continued to land in the same two creeks:

  • Food; its rituals, history, disciplines, and its role as a language.
  • Music; how it unites us, how it nourishes us, and how it moves us more deeply than words.

Thanks for reading.

– Edward Atkinson

Shot by Ashley Stone.



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